Let your imagination soar beyond all limits.

 Be the master you were meant to be.



The footwear Design and technology School of South Africa, is the first of its kind in the country, this unique school, which was established in 2009 and focuses on education in footwear design, development and manufacturing. The school aims to provide a vast knowledge and grounded understanding of leather goods, development and construction.



Our Vision & Mission


Association with the Footwear Infrastructure Systems (FIS) shoe factory incubator, the students will not only gain the skills needed to enter into a variety of careers that this exciting industry has to offer, but will also have access to a unique support system needed to establish themselves in the South African footwear industry

Our mission is to provide knowledge that will create a rich database of skilful professionals that will enhance, improve and transform the footwear sector in Africa. To create employable as well as self-sustainable graduates that will not only benefit the sector but will also benefit the economy. To be a training provider for the footwear industry as a whole and to train top-end, world class footwear designers that can compete on an international level and provide leadership to the footwear industry in Africa. Also to be an entity that does not limit our responsibility to training but to continual development of the student through affiliated incubation programs and online training. 



Our Students


The schools purpose is to grow the footwear industry with skills and knowledge of the industry. Footwear design is a unique career with much potential but a lack of human resource and skill.

We assist all our students where we can;

  • We advise and assist students in developing their own ranges
  • We assist students in establishing their own factories
  • We consult in anything related to the footwear industry

This is all intended to assist students to develop their own ranges and put it into the market. The in-depth assistance and service is available to students who have completed one of our courses.


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